Solange Knowles Inspired Braids

Hello Lovelies,
This is my first try at doing the Solange inspired braids myself.  Here is the video.
I hope I inspired you to do the same.
Have a lovely day!

 Inspirational braids pictures found on Tumblr
We do not own these pictures.  They were found on the web.
Be Inpsired

4 thoughts on “Solange Knowles Inspired Braids

  1. I got these a while back and i love them to bits. keeping my natural hair protected. Nice Vid btw.

  2. i absolutely love braids, and your blog is inspiring. i love getting inspirations from other style bloggers. great features, and lovely posts. :) enjoyed looking. i'm now following you--i would be honored to stay connected. all the best!

  3. They girl in the 3rd pic looks too much like Nicki Minaj.

    I am following, please follow back at


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